Junior Explorers is currently unavailable. Please check back later for updated program offerings or sign up for our mailing list here.A group of student learn about butterflies and their vast species

Bring your youngest campers to explore the Hudson River! This program allows budding scientists to investigate various Park animals through scientific inquiry and nature-inspired crafts.

Wildlife Themes:

  • Fish – Learn all about Hudson River fish species like Striped Bass
  • Birds – Discover native bird species and their unique feeding behaviors
  • Butterflies – Explore the anatomy and life cycle of butterflies

Program Objectives (Grades K-2):

  • Students will learn the basic anatomy and life cycle of Hudson River Park wildlife
  • Students will learn about the behavior and habitat of Hudson River Park wildlife
  • Students will humanely interact with live animals from the Hudson River (e.g. fish, mud crabs, shrimp, snails, etc.)

What Teachers Say About our Programs:

  • “It was well-organized and the kids had a blast! The craft was wonderful seeing as they got to take home something, along with the fish posters and tattoos.  They also loved being able to see the animals from the river.” –Kindergarten Teacher, Bronx